Become an Organizer

There are many ways to become an organizer with Portland Tenants United. Currently almost all active organizing is happening through the Organizing Committee. If you would like to join the Organizing Committee, we have elections coming up!

Organizing Committee Elections

Portland Tenant United will be holding elections for the Organizing Committee in 2021 September 12th-18th

If you would like to run for a position in the Organizing Committee, please fill out a candidacy form by September 8th!

Please email [email protected] with any question.

More Information

The Organizing Committee oversees the agenda of the Tenants Union, advises on campaigns that advance tenant advocacy in line with PTU's Points of Unity, and tends to the organization's bylaws, policies, and finances. OC members are expected to be directly involved in some other aspect of PTU's organizational work; whether administrative, financial, or organizing. Involvement typically includes weekly participation. Please read through the Organizing Committee Charter and the and Organizing Committee Member Responsibilities to learn more about serving on the Organizing Committee

Eligibility:  Must register as a PTU tenant member at least two weeks prior to Election day.

Strong qualities for Organizing Committee Candidates include

  • Knowledge or explicit willingness to learn landlord–tenant law
  • Commitment to racial justice, equity, and experience addressing systems of oppression that harm many communities including People of Color, people with lower income, people with disabilities, people who are queer, trans, or otherwise identify as LGBTQIA+, among others.
  • General leadership and communication skills
  • A desire to engage with, learn from and execute the will of PTU General Membership.
  • Able to participate and engage consistently over time, and follow through on tasks

When formulating your candidacy statement, please consider PTU’s Mission and Points of Unity.


The following Organizing Committee positions are open for election:

Organizing Coordinator: Coordinates OC meetings and helps support other OC members in their work.

Secretary: Coordinates note taking and online file management.

Treasurer: Coordinates PTU finances and tax filing.

Office Manager: Responsible for PTU paperwork and office space, and for directing incoming inquiries

Working Group chair: Coordinates meetings and actions for the Working Group and acts as liaison for the Working Group and the Organizing Committee. The Working Groups are:

  • Membership Engagement
  • Direct Tenant Organizing
  • Communications
  • Outreach, Advocacy and Coalitions

Member At-large (12)