Eviction Defense Response Team

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Now that we are many months into the COVID crisis, landlords are beginning to ramp up evictions. A patchwork of policy at the city, county, state, and national level helps to protect renters, and PTU continues to call for better policy protections (see below), but we need to support tenants now from evictions happening despite the moratoriums, and to prepare for the wave of evictions that are sure to hit in the future.

PTU is preparing some trainings for eviction defense, and wants to be ready to deploy volunteers for court support, protesting and direct action around the city, and resisting evictions directly at people's homes.

Our second Eviction Resistance and Direct Action Training is coming

Join our list to find out about upcoming trainings, and so we can contact you when the need arises:

Fill out our eviction resistance form OR

Text RESIST to 33777

If you or someone you know needs urgent support with an eviction, you can message us on facebook, text us at (503) 461-0369, or email us at evictions@pdxtu.org

THANK YOU to everyone that has already signed up

If you are interested in being a court observer for evictions happening in Multnomah County Court, our friends at Don't Evict PDX are setting up trainings to get you ready. Fill out the Multnomah County Eviction Court Watch form and go to the Don't Evict PDX twitter to learn more about their work.

Renter Town Hall (virtual)

We want to hear from you about the issues you're facing as a renter, and we want to give an opportunity for renters to hear from each other about the challenges we've all been facing. Connecting is hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. To accomplish this PTU will be holding monthly Renter Town Halls. We will offer brief (5-10 minutes) updates about our work and devote most of the time to let renters share their stories.

The next Renter Town Hall is Tuesday, December 15th 7-8:30 pm

The town halls will be held over zoom. Register here

Email oac@pdxtu.org with any questions, suggestions, or to request interpretation (ASL, Spanish, or other langauges)

COVID Response

We are facing a unique crisis as the novel coronavirus spreads and social distancing measures persist in an attempt to slow it. The measures may reduce damage from the virus, but they are having devastating impacts on many people who are losing income or their jobs, especially as other health, medical and childcare costs increase in response to COVID related measures. We must minimize the harm from these measures. Furthermore, at this time when people are asked to stay at home, we must make sure that everyone has access, and does not lose access, to habitable housing.

We are several month in and the measures taken so far have not done enough to adequately protect tenants, as we remain vulnerable to harassment, rent increases, and a looming rent debt burden and conviction for those of us unable to pay during the eviction moratorium.

PTU Demands

For the City of Portland

  1. Pass the Tenant Protection Ordinance immediately
  2. Implement a freeze on rent increases retroactive to April 1, and through the course of the pandemic and at least three months after
  3. Advocate for rent and rent debt forgiveness for impacted households

Send city leaders a letter with these demands

For the State

  1. Implement rent and rent debt forgiveness for impacted households
  2. Implement a freeze on rent increases retroactive to April 1, and through the course of the pandemic and at least three months after

Send state leaders a letter with these demands

Landlords: Sign the Pledge

Are you an Oregon landlord? Sign the #RentAmnesty Landlord Pledge to waive or reduce rent for the month of April for your tenants.

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