We are facing a unique crisis as the novel coronavirus spreads and intense social distancing measures are put into place to slow it. The measures may reduce damage from the virus, but they will also have devastating impacts on many people who will lose income or their jobs, especially as other health, medical and childcare costs increase in response to corona related measures. We must minimize the harm from these measures. Furthermore, at this time when people are asked to stay at home, we must make sure that everyone has access, and does not lose access, to habitable housing.

We must act now:

Email your Representatives and Governor Brown to let them no we need need extend the eviction moratorium, a rent freeze, and rent forgiveness

PTU Demands

Read PTU's COVID 19 — State of Emergency Housing Security Package to learn more about our demands!

  1. Immediate Eviction Moratorium and Rent Relief
  2. Rent Amnesty
  3. Stop the Sweeps
  4. PTU’s Tenant Protection Ordinance
  5. Tenant Covid-19 Commission
  6. Resolution asking other jurisdictions and the private sector to do their part

Landlords: Sign the Pledge

Are you an Oregon landlord? Sign the #RentAmnesty Landlord Pledge to waive or reduce rent for the month of April for your tenants.

Support the Movement

Join Portland Tenants United as a tenant member or as a supporting member.