Eviction Resistance

Emergency Assistance: Text: (503) 461-0369 if you or someone you know needs urgent support with an eviction.

You can also message us on facebook or email us at [email protected]

If you received a court summons for a non-payment eviction, you can stop it!

  • Please look through this handout for next steps.
  • You will need to apply for rental assistance
  • If there are a few days left before your first appearance, try to get legal representation. You can call the Oregon Law Center at (888) 585-9638, or you can call or text The Commons Law Center at 503-850-0811
  • Make sure to attend your court hearing! If you would like to attend virtually, you can find your video link, or you can join by phone: 503-388-9555; Access Code: 146 407 9791

Evictions have been devastating tenants for decades. The COVID pandemic has left many more tenants vulnerable to evictions of many kinds.

Many tenants are being harassed until they "self-evict" or given bad-faith for-cause evictions to push them out. PTU is working on a policy to address this called the Tenant Protection Ordinance.

As the COVID protection are lifted, many tenants are receiving evictions for nonpayment.

PTU has put together a list of volunteers that can support tenants in urgent need. 

Fill out our eviction resistance form OR text RESIST to 33777 to join.

THANK YOU to everyone that has already signed up

Door Knocking

updated 8/24/21

Oregon and Multnomah County currently have rules that give tenants protection from a nonpayment or no cause eviction if they have applied for rental assistance. Many tenants don't know about this protection and landlords are submitting dozens of nonpayment evictions everyday. PTU has been knocking on tenants doors to let inform them about their rights and help them apply for rent assistance to avoid getting evicted.

Landlords have been allowed to file nonpayment evictions in Multnomah County since mid July

  • In that time about 215 nonpayment evictions have been filed (all of those could be avoided if tenants knew they could apply for rental assistance)
    • PTU has or will attempt to door knock for each of those tenants
    • 173 cases have already been heard and decided
      • 137 (79%) did not result in an eviction! (for reference, normally the default rate is about 50%)
      • Of the 36 evictions that did happen, 32 were people that PTU volunteers were not able to talk to because of a locked building, already moved, or they weren't home. PTU volunteers try to knock doors multiple times.
      • In 4 cases, PTU volunteers were able to talk with a tenant but were not able to help them prevent the eviction.
  • Legacy Property Management has been the worst evictor, responsible for roughly 20% of nonpayment eviction filings
  • Evictions are happening disproportionately in East Portland and East County


The map below shows where people are receiving nonpayment evictions. If the City or County tracked eviction notices, advocates could get a better data about the race and ethnicity, household size, etc of evictions.

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