Organizing Committee

The PTU Organizing Committee exists in order to maintain the basic functions of the organization, provide consistency, develop positions and messaging, steer strategic decisions and vision, and engage with the membership.

To learn more about the Organizing Committee and becoming and Organizing Committee member, you can read the PTU Organizing Committee Charter, and the PTU Organizing Committee member responsibilities.

The current members of the Organizing Committee are:

  • Nathan Barton
  • Leeor Schweitzer
  • Lauren Everett
  • Jake Henceroth
  • Will Parker
  • Ken Thompson


If you have questions for the organizing committee you can email [email protected]

The PTU Organizing Committee maintains the trust of the membership by ensuring all Organizing Committee members are committed to the work and the points of unity, are not landowners or landlords in any function, regularly attend meetings and working groups, support organizational decisions, act as ambassadors for PTU and tenants rights, and do not associate PTU with personal opinions and positions.

Organizing Committee members are democratically elected by PTU's tenant members, serving one-year terms. For more information on Organizing Committee nominations and voting, email [email protected].

The last election was in September 2020

Most Organizing Committee meetings are open to members who wish to observe and participate. They are generally held on the first and third Sunday every month at 7pm. If you would like to participate in the next Organizing Committee meeting, email [email protected].