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***PTU is an all-volunteer union.  We will try to respond to your message as quickly as possible, especially if you and others in your building are trying to form a union and fight for your rights.  We DO NOT give legal advice and DO NOT have any money to help pay your rent.  If you have general questions about your rights as a tenant or need legal help or rent assistance, please contact the resources below***

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COVID specific

If you need urgent support for an eviction or illegal lock out, text PTU at (503) 461-0369, or email us at [email protected]

Oregon State: residents are protected from evictions through House Bill 4401

  • If a tenant submits a written declaration (which your landlord is required to send to you), the moratorium is extended for that tenant until June 30, 2021.
  • Under HB 4401 you are protected against non-payment eviction however:
    • you are not protected against no cause evictions or landlord qualifying evictions (renovations/family move-in/etc)
  • See comprehensive FAQ from the Portland Rental Services Office

National Moratorium: The national moratorium does not apply in Oregon because Oregon has stronger protections has a page dedicated to housing protection during COVID-19.

Tenant Rights Information


Free or Low-Cost Legal Help



Sometime people don't want to pursue legal channels, or are for whatever reason unable to. In those cases, mediation might be an effective tool to resolve a conflict with a landlord. A PTU volunteered has offered free mediation services for tenants in need. There are two types of services:

  • Conflict Coaching: Conflict coaching is having a conversation with someone to understand their situation and potentially help them resolve their own conflict. We often find that folks just need a little support and resources to work through their own conflicts with others. While it often seems that the other person is completely stuck in their position and will not change, through a series of questions we can get at the underlying needs and concerns. Once those are identified, we find there are many ways forward and sometimes it takes a bit of coaching to work through a conflict without the need of mediation.
  • Mediation: Sometimes folks need a third party to help facilitate a difficult conversation. Mediators are not a judge or lawyer and have no ability to determine the outcome. Mediators are "co-partial" meaning they want the best for all parties involved and will work to create a space where hard conversations can take place. Our role is to make sure everyone feels heard and that each party understands where the other is coming from. There may be an opportunity for parties to come to a common agreement. If that is the case, mediators can help work out the details of that agreement. 
*Disclaimer: Mediators are not advocates. We will not talk to the other party to convince them of your position. We can, however, talk to the other party in an attempt to "bring them to the table" to have a conversation all together. In order to take on a mediation, all parties must agree to go into the conversation willing to have a dialogue. Mediation is a voluntary process, meaning all parties are choosing to be there.
You can contact Lauren at [email protected] or call (503) 893-9656


City and County Inspectors - They can force your landlord to make repairs


Housing and Rent Assistance


Other Local Tenant Unions 

PTU operates throughout the Portland Metro area.  Check out some of these groups operating on different scales:


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