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***PTU is an all-volunteer union.  We will try to respond to your message as quickly as possible, especially if you and others in your building are trying to form a union and fight for your rights.  We DO NOT give legal advice and DO NOT have any money to help pay your rent.  If you have general questions about your rights as a tenant or need legal help or rent assistance, please contact the resources below***

Other Resources:


Tenant Rights Information

  • - Detailed, understandable, and accurate information about landlord-tenant law
  • ORS 90 - The Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, contains most important statewide landlord-tenant law
  • Portland Rental Services Office: (503) 823-1303 or
  • Community Alliance of Tenants Renters Rights Hotline: (503) 288-0130 
    • There is also helpful tenant rights information on
  • Manufactured Communities Resource Center: (503) 986-2145 or
  • PDX Renters Unite! - Facebook group where you can share your stories with fellow renters, many of whom have gone through the same things


Free or Low-Cost Legal Help


City and County Inspectors - They can force your landlord to make repairs


Housing and Rent Assistance


Other Local Tenant Unions 

PTU operates throughout the Portland Metro area.  Check out some of these groups operating on different scales: