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Portland’s Airbnb Fiasco Shows Why Regulation Often Fails (Nerdwallet 5/1/24)


Portland Tenants United push for city ordinance to protect against landlord harassment (KPTV 2/27/23)

Portland looks to increase electric vehicle charging at new apartment complexes (The Oregonian 1/25/23)


Dan Ryan yet to respond to June call for new tenant protections (Street Roots 12/14/2022)

Portland housing board recommended tenant harassment ordinance; months later, activists say it’s stalled (The Oregonian 12/5/22)

Tenants, Elected Officials Call on City to Close Loopholes in Affordable Housing Program (Portland Mercury 10/10/22)

North Portland tenants union demands reversal of 50% rent increase, allowed by city affordable housing policy (Oregonian 10/10/22)

'I will be homeless': Dozens of North Portland low-income tenants protest nearly 50% rent increase (KGW 10/10/22)

Rent spikes in North Portland ‘affordable’ housing building, tenants say (Fox12 9/29/22)

Portland affordable housing tenants perform march after ‘stressful’ rent hike (KOIN 6 (9/26/22)

A Tenant Enrolled in a City Affordable Housing Program Just Received a 50 Percent Rent Increase. How is That Possible? (Portland Mercury (9/21/22)

‘A number of loopholes’: Tenants face steep rent hikes in affordable units (KOIN 6 9/21/22)

Portland affordable housing tenants speak out after nearly 50% rent spike (KOIN 6 9/20/22)

Portland City Council to vote on renter protections after landlord lawsuit (KOIN 6 6/22/22)

City Council Will Vote to Undo Tenant Security Deposit Protections Wednesday (The Mercury 6/21/22)

Tenants, landlords agree a rocky rollout marred Oregon rent assistance push (The Oregonian 3/30/22)

Multifamily flips spur more evictions: report (The Real Deal 3/28/22)

As eviction crisis looms, tenant unions offer support (Street Roots 2/2/22)

The Evictions That Landlords Got Away With During the Pandemic (Slate 1/28/22)


"Despite pandemic, Portland public housing contractor keeps churning out evictions" (OPB 2/1/21)


"Oregon tenant advocates report uptick in landlord harassment during eviction ban" (OPB 12/15/20)

"Home Forward Was Due in Court Tomorrow to Evict a Tenant, But Reversed Its Decision" (Willamette Week, 9/10/20)

"What Was Accomplished During Oregon's Whirlwind Special Legislative Session?" (Portland Mercury, 7/3/20)

"Tenants Union Calls for Action After KOIN 6 Investigation" (KOIN 6, 5/12/20)

"Portland, Multnomah County Enact Temporary Moratorium on Evictions" (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 3/17/20)


"Tenants Union at Milepost 5 Wins Dramatic Victory" (Willamette Week, 12/23/19)

"City Council Poised to Overturn Controversial Earthquake-Unsafe Building Sign Policy" (Portland Mercury, 10/23/19)

"Portland Passes Yearly Tax that Landlords Will Pay on Rentals" (FOX 12, 8/7/19)

"A Pitch to Bring Equity to Rental Screening Process Heads to City Hall" (Portland Mercury, 4/2/19) [Find updated information on the FAIR protections at]

"Fair Housing Advocates Applaud Oregon's Historic Rent Control Law - But Vow to Fight for Even Better Protections" (Common Dreams, 3/1/19)


"Tenants Protest Landlord Neglect at Major Southeast Apartment Complex" (Portland Mercury, 11/26/18)

"The Yards Tenants Demand Safer, Healthier Living Conditions" (KOIN 6, 11/1/2018) 

"Tenants in Southeast Portland Launch a Rent Strike, Hoping to Stay in Their Gentrifying Apartment Complex" (Willamette Week, 7/31/18) [Find a more recent article on the Enclave/Holgate Manor Tenants Union here]

"In Dispute With Tenants, Oregon Lawmaker Plans to Subpoena Newspaper, Activists" (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 3/21/18)

"Portland Debates Policy Requiring Landlords to Pay Some Renters' Moving Costs" (KGW 8, 2/28/18) [Find updated information on Relo at]


"Guest Opinion: Protecting Renters, Not Landlords, the Right Call for Portland" (Oregonian, 10/18/17)

"Not Gonna Leave: 3 Times Neighbors Got Together to Fight Gentrification" (Everyday Feminism, 9/11/17)

"Activist Group Shames Landlord Who Hiked Rent of 18 Northeast Portland Families" (Portland Tribune, 5/24/17)

"Tenants Union Wants Portland Mayor to Force Landlords to Forgive February Rent for People Who Lost Wages During the Snow" (Willamette Week, 1/18/17)


"Margot Black Wants to Take On the Landlords and Portland City Hall" (Willamette Week, 12/7/16)

"East Portland Tenants Have Started a Rent Strike" (Willamette Week, 11/8/16)

"Portland Tenants Publicly Shame Their Landlord Over Rent Hike" (Oregonian, 9/10/16)

"Renters Protest Disrupts Gala for Landlords and Property Managers" (KATU 2, 5/26/16)

"Inside the Growing Tenant Movement Fighting to End Mass Displacement" (Waging Nonviolence, 4/20/16)