Landlord Wall of Shame

Too many times we've heard stories about landlords or property management companies that have acted in shameful ways. This is a space for tenants to share those stories with the world. 

Share a story of shameful landlord or property management behavior for us to add to our wall (anonymous)

Capital Property Management

2024 - "They terminate[d] my leasing and refuse[d] ... my rent pay[ment before it was due,] now the want [me] to pay month and a half!!!"

Reliance Property Management

2023 - "Raised my rent $500 a month and refused to pay me Portland relocation assistance. Took all the legal steps to get it and they want a jury trial which costs me a lot of money upfront. Then in 2024 they raised my rent and additional $150. I’ve been trapped here because all my extra money now goes to rent and I can’t save up for a deposit. I am currently paying the most rent in my building. They are slum lords"

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  • Leeor Schweitzer