Becoming a Member


Becoming a member in PTU is easy and the best way to support the work of PTU and Portland renters. You choose your own dues based on your ability to pay (including if you cannot pay at all). If you are a Portland-area tenant or houseless, then you can sign up to be a tenant-member.  If you do identify as a landlord, own a home, get income from someones housing, but you want to show your support and solidarity, then please sign up to be a supporting member.  Tenant members get to vote on issues brought before the general membership and have access to any services offered by PTU.  

Being a dues paying member is the best way to ensure that our work continues to be driven by our members, and not by needing to satisfy big donors and grant funders.  Our independence and committment to the real needs of our members and not the feelings of elected officials is the source of our power!  

This is what solidarity looks like. Portland Tenants Unite!



Please read our mission statement and our Points of Unity. By becoming a member you agree to uphold and stand by these founding documents.  



 If you own your home or get income from someone's housing, choose Supporting Member. Otherwise, choose Tenant Member.