Tenant Member

Welcome, fellow tenant!

Thank you for coming to join PTU. Together, we are mighty.

Membership dues are what allow us to pool our resources together to make a bigger impact than we each could individually. We use them to support direct action, organizing, getting the word out, and all of the other things that we do for each other as an active union.


Would you like to pay your dues monthly or yearly?

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(If you want to join PTU but your income does not allow you to pay dues, we still want you in the Union! Click here for a dues waiver.)

Who are PTU Tenant Members? 


  • Generally speaking, a tenant is someone who pays rent (including those in subsidized housing or with housing vouchers), and whose housing security is dependent on a landlord.  However, those who are houseless, or those living in RVs, cars, hotels, couches, or with family, as well as those in employee housing, student housing, supportive housing, or assisted living facilities, are still considered tenants and can be full voting members.
  • A voting Tenant Member cannot be a landlord.  That is, they cannot profit from the payment of rent, nor can they own or pay mortgage on their home or land where they live.  An exception is an owner of an RV, mobile or manufactured home who pays land-rent; such a homeowner would still be considered a tenant. 
  • Those who do not identify as tenants but would still like to be members of PTU can do so as Supporting Members.
  • A Tenant Member is a full voting member.  This means that they have one vote on matters brought before the General Assembly, and may themselves bring resolutions to the General Assembly through approved processes.  As Portland Tenants United grows, new services may become available.  By actively working to build our organizational capacity, members will strengthen the tenant union movement and help create new collective possibilities for our housing.
  • Tenant Members may access resources and the collective power of the Portland Tenants United.  This includes, but is not limited to, organizing assistance, trainings, and research help.
  • All voting members in good standing pay monthly dues of not less than five dollars to Portland Tenants United. Multiple dues levels are available for Members who are able to contribute more to the cause. There is no difference between these dues levels in terms of rights, responsibilities, or status of the Member. These dues go directly toward organizing tenants, as well as planning and implementing action and advocacy to defend the rights of tenants across the Portland metropolitan area in the manner deemed fit by the membership.
  • If you cannot afford to pay membership dues of any amount due to being low income or experiencing financial hardship, we still invite you to join PTU as a Tenant Member with all of the same rights as any other Tenant Member. Click here for a dues waiver.