2020 Elections

PTU would like like to help the people of Portland know where candidates stand on critical tenant issues. We sent candidate questionnaires to every candidate running for elected office on Portland's City Council or for Metro Council back in April for the primary elections. Below are the names of the candidates that returned our questionnaires and the grades they received. Click on a candidate to read their full responses and learn more about their scores. Go to the bottom of the page to learn more about our process.

Portland City Council, Mayor

Sarah Iannarone A-
Teressa Raiford B+

Portland City Council, Position 4

Chloe Eudaly A-

Metro Council, District 5

Chris Smith C


About our process: Questionnaires were sent out to all candidates running for Portland City Council and Metro Council positions using contact info registered in ORESTAR. Candidates had about three weeks to fill out the questionnaires. The questionnaires consisted of 20 questions. 11 questions were yes or no questions, or similar to that, and candidates were awarded either 2 points or 0 points for them. The remaining 9 questions were open-ended. PTU invited any current tenant member to participate as a grader. A team of five graders reviewed the open-ended questions on forms where the candidates names were removed, and gave each question a score form 0 to 5. Those scores were then averaged to get the candidates score for that questions. Candidates also received 8 points for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire. All the points were added together to arrive at a score out of 75 possible points. Click on the candidate's name to see their responses and their scores for each question.