Legislative Session 2021

The Oregon Legislature is meeting for the 2021 legislative session. There are several important bills coming up. See below for opportunities to testify and help support or oppose key bills. 

HB 2372 - Ban no-cause evictions (SUPPORT)

This bill is schedule for a second hearing on TUESDAY 3/2 at 8 AM

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Sample written testimony in support of HB 2372

Members of the House Committee on Housing,

I write to you today in strong support of HB 2372, which would eliminate no-cause evictions.

SB 608, passed in 2019, eliminated many no cause evictions, but it left too many exceptions. Currently, people in their first year of tenancy can still face a no cause eviction, as well as people living with the landlord, in a manufactured dwelling, or in a floating home. Evictions are a traumatizing and destabilizing event that no one should have to go through, especially without cause. Tenants in these circumstances deserve the same protections and housing stability that other tenants benefit from.

I urge you to move HB 2372 forward with a do-pass recommendation.



HB 2367 - Right to Rest

This bill is schedule for a second hearing on TUESDAY 3/9 at 1 pm (discussion tentatively starts at 1:50 PM)

Look through the State website on HB 2367

More information and a Call to Action from WRAP and Stop the Sweeps

Sign up to testify virtually (phone or video link) during the hearing

Submit written testimony

Sample Testimony in support of HB 2367 (written by Stop the Sweeps and WRAP)

To the Oregon House Committee On Judiciary: 

I support the passage of HB 2367, as it protects individuals’ right to move freely, rest, sleep, pray and be protected in public space without discrimination. The right to rest is a basic human and civil right for all people and should not be considered a crime. Criminalizing people who are experiencing houselessness is not an effective solution to the complications that arise when people in our communities do not have a place to eat, rest or sleep.

With more and more people in Oregon finding themselves houseless or on the verge of houselessness, our focus should be on expanding affordable housing capacity in the urban areas rather than punishing those who are houseless. We know that when all our neighbors have the opportunity to build foundations for economic stability, our communities and state thrive. Criminalizing lack of housing when we have not done enough in Oregon to ensure everyone has a stable place to call home narrows opportunities to escape houselessness and creates more barriers on the path to stability and prosperity.

HB 2367 would safeguard the dignity of those who already suffer from the burden of houselessness. I implore you to support this critical and life-saving legislation.



HB 2677 - Repeals prohibition on local rent control (SUPPORT)

Learn more about HB 2677

This bill is not currently scheduled for a hearing. 

Send Chair Fahey and Vice-Chair Campos a letter requesting a hearing for HB 2677

You can also email or call them directly to request a hearing: 

Chair Julie Fahey: [email protected] 503-986-1414

Vice-Chair Wlnsvey Campos: [email protected] 503-986-1428

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