May Day Mayday

One third of renters nationwide didn’t pay their rent in April, and it will likely be many more in May as unemployment continues to climb. While the state has recently allocated $8.5 million in rental assistance, the burden of applying is still on the tenant, still subsidizes landlord profits, and is only available to households making up to 50% Area Median Income ($30,800 for a household of one). 


This May Day, join us in demanding more comprehensive and meaningful state action, by calling and/or emailing state decisionmakers. A. Tell them your story, or if you aren’t personally impacted, why renter relief is important to you. B. Ask them to support Portland Tenant United’s demands:


  1. A rent freeze for the duration of the emergency and for at least three months after
  2. Rent amnesty for households that cannot pay
  3. A fund for impacted landlords to apply for financial assistance based on actual operating expenses, NOT profit
  4. Measures to address the growing reports of landlords harassing tenants 


Call and Email Governor Kate Brown 
Phone: (503) 378-4582 
Comment Form:

Call and Email House Speaker Tina Kotek
Phone: 503-986-1200
Email[email protected]

Find your Senator and Representative:

Read PTU's full letter to the legislature