Stop Harassment Prevent Houselessness

Portland City Council voted this fall to criminalize houselessness. This policy is cruel, inhumane, and it doesn't help our neighbors find housing. As we stand in solidarity with organizations fighting this ban and uplifting the voices of people with experience living unsheltered, we have to push for steps that will keep people housed. Portland Tenants United has been working on the Tenant Protection Ordinance for three years, and in June the Residential Services Commission recommended an anti-harassment policy based off of PTU's ordinance. This is a common sense tried and tested policy that reduces harassment and prevents displacement. Tell City Council: Stop Harassment and Prevent Houselessness!


Dear Portland City Commissioners,

No one in Portland should be forced to sleep on the streets. Before Portland invests in extreme measure like mass campsites and criminalizing unsanctioned camping, we should do everything we can to prevent houselessness.

In June, the Residential Services Commission sent you a recommendation to enact an anti-harassment policy to protect tenants. An anti-harassment policy is a common sense, tested protection that helps keep people housed.

We, the signers of this petition, call of you to address houselessness by preventing it from happening in the first place. Start with the easy solution provided by your own advisory commission, enact an anti-harassment ordinance, and expand the Rental Service Office so it can provide guidance and support for tenants in need.

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  • Leeor Schweitzer